Posted by: Franki | July 16, 2009



Dog/cat hair?


Hay fever?

They are so annoying!! Allergies are always around when you least want them, like if you were going to a big party and you accidentally used some soap that you were allergic to and you came out in a rash all over you on the night before the party! or if you were going to your friends house but then you find out she has a cat and you can’t go because your allergic to cats!

There are medicines that you can get to make you immune to your allergy for a short period of time but they don’t start to work properly until like two hours after you’ve taken them! They feel impossible to cure, even if you’re not thinking about them.

Here’s a poem by Kenn Nesbitt:

“Alex had an allergy
that no one could explain.
It made him wheeze and cough and sneeze
and moan and groan in pain.

A single slight exposure,
and he'd start to squawk and squeal.
A second time ensured
that he'd be barking like a seal.

He'd salivate and slobber
as his nose began to twitch.
He'd squirm and say his body felt
like one gigantic itch.

At last they found the cause,
which Alex thought was pretty cool.
So now he stays at home;
he is allergic to his school.”

Hey but at least they're not as bad as swine flu!!



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