Posted by: Franki | August 24, 2009


Typical weather! When on holiday and expecting hot weather, it rains or even SNOWS!! Then once you buy a raincoat and woolly jumpers the weather is suddenly beautiful. On the weather forecast it’s like never right and when it is you don’t believe it and you end up still having the wrong clothes. i hate those days when it looks really horrible and cloudy outside then you go out and its actually really hot (although not sunny). If you sometimes check the weather forecast online, the temperature can be only in Fahrenheit and harder to know hot it’s gonna be and sometimes they use weird symbols that don’t have key and aren’t very clear. Doesn’t it seem like it allways rains when you hang the washing outside to dry. i like msn weather because it says what the temperature is and what it feels like, plus most of the time its right. In conclusion, you just can’t win with the weather.








  1. checkout this for bad weather!!!!


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