Posted by: Franki | October 6, 2009


Me and my friends were deciding to have a Halloween party, when all of a sudden the topic of Christmas came up! And since then I cant stop thinking about it. Christmas is 82 days, 14 hours and 57 minutes away. when you say it like that it doesn’t sound so far away but if you say 4 months away that feels like ages. for Christmas i would like a IPhone 3GS. =D that’d be good. everyone I asked what they wanted already knew so they’d already been thinking about it. But the feeling of Christmas is just so warm and fussy lol. Normally on Christmas day I’ll be first to wake up then I’ll go and wake up my mum and she’ll let me open 1 present from her. then I’ll go and wake up my brother and we’ll get mum to come through and we open our stockings. after that we’ll have breakfast, then my dad and sister will come round and we’ll open their presents and then open our big presents. then play with them while mum goes back to sleep for a bit. after she wakes up we’ll have dinner, a huge turkey and me nibbling on nut roast +o( , then finally open presents from other relatives. Normally we’ll all stay up all night because its my brothers birthday on 26 dec so we wish him happy birthday at midnight.

When it’s dark in the mornings it always reminds me of christmas because its always still dark when i wake up at Christmas. i say Christmas too much in this blog                                 christmas!!  But just the feling of having all your family around you all cosy it’s just so nice. i miss christmas it feels like last chritmas was ages ago, well it was but you know.

Now thats enough about christmas, lets get on to halloween! ok this is mine and my friends’ plan:

  1. buy food decorations etc. on the thursday before halloween – crisps, blood orange lol, cobwebs, sweets etc.
  2. pack costume and sleeping bag etc then go to isobels house.
  3. apple bob!!
  4. then go trick or treating
  5. go to mine and get beds ready.
  6. watch movie horror fest!
  7. watch spongebob (no nightmares) and go to sleep lol.

Halloween is a holiday for friends not family and it’s the other way round for Christmas. My favourite thing to do on Halloween is the dressing up, I love thinking up a unique costume and designing it, making it and parading around in it and showing it off. we were going to have a special theme for the party, cartoon characters, like sponge bob square pants, pink panther, snoopy etc. but someone already has an outfit planned and made so there isn’t going to be a theme other than scary things 😦

It’s so much easier to make an outfit if there’s a more precise theme. I can’t think of anything now!! It’s so annoying!! Because i don’t want to be something boring like an angel or a vampire or something like that, it needs to be unique and easy to make. Any ideas leave a comment.







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