Posted by: Franki | January 9, 2010

Tha i brèagha an-diugh!

I love this song, Beyonce’s and Alicia Keys’ voices sound really great together. Not a music video for it yet but hopefully there will be soon.

I hope you all had great Christmases and are loving you presents, I’ve been pigging out on chocolate all the time since Christmas lol. My Birthdays coming up soon, 22nd January, i think me and my friends are going to a spa for the day. My Granny called today asking me what i wanted, price ranging from £200 – £250. But there’s nothing i particularly want but I’m thinking its rude to just ask for the money but that’s what i’d rather have so isn’t it better that i get something I want rather than some expensive present that i wont really use? I’m going to ask my mum to call my Granny and tell her I’m saving and I’d like to have my present as just money. Lol I’m so picky now that I’m saying this I kind of feel like the present is less exciting if it’s just money. Oh well.

Don’t you think it’s strange how much chaos can be caused by just a little snow? I mean all it is, is solid rain! Its not going to hurt you, just sprinkle a little salt on the roads! Still I’m glad at how stupid this country is I have like 2 weeks off school so it’s not so bad. Although it’s annoying that the buses aren’t working for me to go to town. I don’t understand how people can hate snow! It’s so pretty!! The only bad thing is that it’s cold but you can prevent yourself from being cold by wearing lots of layers of clothes and gloves, scarves etc.  Me and my friends are going to the park on Monday for a snowball fight.

I was surfing the world wide web today (and no I’m not 80 I just like calling it that lol) and I saw a page on the BBC site that teaches you how to speak Gaelic and I’ve always wanted to learn it so I started the lessons. THEY ARE SO BLOODY HARD!!! It actually is, I know sometimes I’ll say that when the thing I’m doing is pretty easy and exaggerate but on this the pronunciation is weird and hard to read. I’m sort of getting better at it but i have to do it “Beag Air Bheag”. Beag air Bheag means ‘little by little’. Lol the way I’m talking about it now makes it seem like I am exaggerating. Anyway must be off!

Mar sin leat!







  1. I love snoooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!


    • wooooooo!!!

  2. Want to learn Gaelic? Check it out here:

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